Smithfield Storage
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Sizes and Rates

We have many sizes to meet your needs and all price ranges to fit your budget.

All prices include taxes-listed prices are based on availability. We accept all major credit cards, checks or cash.

Each unit is rented on a month to month basis; no deposit necessary.

We do offer discounts for advance payments; 5% off for 12 months. 

5x10.....$55/mo                         10x20....$120/mo

10x10...$75/mo                          10x25...$140/mo


10x15...$100/mo                          11x30...$175/mo

8x20....$100/mo                           11x40...$200/mo

12x36 Fully Enclosed RV Units-Gravel Floors..$175/mo                   

We also have office and larger contractor units from $350

Helpful Size Estimator